The Key to Keeping Your Child’s Clothes and Toys Organized

Letting Kids Choose What They Wear
July 22, 2016
t’s tough for parents to find time to get organized, but being organized can be a time saver.

Some parents are just organized people, but the rest of us can feel overwhelmed:

(Schweikert) “I am happy if I can get all of the kids out of the house and they all are clothed and they have shoes on.”

Parenting expert and mother of four, Gigi Schweikert says part of being more organized is time management, especially for your morning rush:

(Schweikert) “You’re going to prepare as much as possible the night before, no matter how tired you are.”

Including picking out clothes and finding the little things, like hair accessories. It also helps kids to have a routine and to know where everything goes:

(Schweikert) “It’s having a place for everything and it’s making sure that you put that thing in that place every day.”

She sorts things by family member or item, like a basket for each child’s sports gear, but first: Purge the clutter:

(Schweikert) “The more you have, the more you have to take care of.”

Figure out what to keep, toss or donate, one room or drawer at a time, and Schweikert says teach your kids to do it because organization and time management will help them to be successful adults.

Lisa Brady (FOX)

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